The marvellous valley in Collecroce

Roses and Orchids in Villa della Cupa

Springtime in Villa della Cupa

…and after the snow, in Villa della Cupa we are full of flowers, smells, colours! It is really a wonderful time: enjoy it!

Snow, snow, a lot of snow!

December with snow: that’s great!!

Autumn colours in Villa della Cupa

Wonderful landscape in Villa della Cupa!

Our “wild” fruits

These are some of the fruits our old trees gave us here in Villa della Cupa during the last season. We have eaten them or we have prepared delicious jams for the breakfast!

4 Culture by Ben Waterman

Ben Waterman
4 Culture Exhibition
101 Prefontaine Place South
Seattle, WA 98104-2672

The Grand Rooms
Sept 2nd Opening Reception 6-8



The abundance of paths through the countryside is ideal for those who love to walk and for those who are desire to encounter the infinite number of things that can, over time, be discovered and observed.
We have prepared photographic guides for these paths.