Villa della Cupa has been a part of this valley for nearly 700 years. Like the people who live here, her stones have witnessed the passage of time. Proprietor Franco Rambotti traces his family roots here to the 13th century, and he is happy to share his knowledge and love of this land with all who visit Villa della Cupa.

So, if you are looking for a quiet holiday in the Umbrian countryside and want to discover the sense of history and culture which are still reflected in the daily lives of the people of the Appenine, we can help you.

Villa della Cupa is the ideal place to recapture your own time and space, and enrich your quality of life. Here you can take time to talk with the people of this valley, gather the herbs and wildflowers which flourish here, or take a drive and visit nearby towns and villages, still undiscovered by mainstream tourism.