The wild orchids, small, discrete, regal, and majestic, so different between them, perfect, fantastic, and real, entrance you with their magic of form and color.
This spectacle lasts from May through July; it is made possible by an environment in an equilibrium that permits wonders like this all year long.


If you would like to learn about the world of bees and their products, we can guide you though the discovery of what is one of the region’s oldest traditions and one of the animal world’s best organized societies.
We can also organize lessons for small and large groups.

Herbs & Flowers

This is prepared the evening of June 23; herbs, flowers, and plants are abundant and allow for many different preparations all year long.
You can gather medicinal plants, leaves and flowers for salad, and plants to bring new scents to your home.
We can help you to dry and preserve them, in addition to guiding you through their traditional uses.